Maths time πŸ§ πŸ’¬

One of our goals Β is to help children to develop a productive disposition towards mathematics. We incorporate in our daily routine mathematic concepts and problem solving skills.

A great indicator of progressing in the right direction is when a child prompts the adults to play mathematic games using specific terms: how many, more, less, if adding, if taking away, equal, same ( for example at meal time: I have 5 olives if I eat 1 how many are left?)

Today the main objectives are: learning numbers and how we can use them in day to day life, the recognition of numbers 1-3, graphic representation of the numbers 1-3, estimating a number of objects and checking by counting, using playdough to create numbers, strengthening hand’s small muscle in preparation for writing, completing more that one task in the right order.


Next steps: providing more opportunities and materials to create, write and use numbers and mathematic concepts, and improve problem solving skills: e.g. sorting and ordering activities which involve: analysing data, making decision, check if it’s the right decission/ estimation by counting, problem solving, making connections, supporting children towards confidence and self reliance in solving problems ty using concrete objects to working with symbols and abstract situations, mental reasoning- all through play and repetition.

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