Colours/ shapes/ numbers 🌈🎨

At Tilly’s we love colours and we feel happier when we’re in a colourful environment. However, if a child encounters difficulties tolerating the vibrant colours in our playroom (whether it’s a sensory processing issue or over stimulating for a particular child) we also have an allocated calm down space in another room decorated in more neutral colours.

Today’s activities (threading and painting rocks outdoors) paid particular attention to colours/ shapes/ numbers/patterns/ arts and crafts.


COEL: motivation, extended attention span/ engagement, creating and thinking critically.

Next steps: widening learning opportunities with a focus on other aspects of AoLD as L, PSED and UW:e.g. reading books about colours and singing specific nursery rhymes, associating different colours to feelings, shape recognition through puzzles or play roll using the picnic set toy, etc. A few above named activities might be carried out later through child initiated free play as the resources are available on the playroom for children to access. Also, there are a lot of tools and resources available for mark making/ colouring, shall a child feel the need to “write a shopping list” or code it using different shapes and colours as a representation of food.

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